Use These Items To Improve Your Sports Photography

When you're a parent to a child enrolled in sports, it's ideal to invest in some quality camera gear that allows you to take professional-caliber shots of your young athlete. Instead of standing atop the bleachers and shooting a blurry photo with your smartphone camera, you can instead stand on the sidelines with your camera and your gear and take shots about which you can be proud — and you may even be offered a few bucks to shoot quality images of the other players on the team.

How To Add Production Value To Your Student Film While On A Budget

If you're prepping for your big student film, then you're probably spending time tweaking the script, getting the crew together, and casting actors. However, you should also spend time thinking about how to add production value to your film. As a student filmmaker you will be on a tight budget, so it's important to figure out ways to make your film look impressive, and not like it was shot in a bunch of dorm rooms and your parent's house.

3 Fun And Romantic Ideas For Your Engagement Photos

If you're getting ready to take your engagement photos, you should consider some unique and romantic options. You could always go with a classic dual portrait shot, but why not be a bit more creative, fun and romantic? If you're looking for ideas, then here are three fun options. In all cases, you will need to have a professional photographer. It's important to get the lighting right (indoors or outdoors) and understand exposure, iso, f-stop, and a whole lot of other technical aspects.

Simple Tips For Taking Great Photos Of Your Baby

Now that your baby has been born, there is no doubt that you want to capture this special time in your family's life with some great photographs. Even if you do not own any expensive equipment or have any experience with photographing babies, you can take great photographs of your new addition using these simple tips: Use a Solid Background While you may be tempted to take photos of your baby on your favorite quilt or with a large stuffed toy, the better option is to stick with a solid-colored background.