3 Fun And Romantic Ideas For Your Engagement Photos

If you're getting ready to take your engagement photos, you should consider some unique and romantic options. You could always go with a classic dual portrait shot, but why not be a bit more creative, fun and romantic? If you're looking for ideas, then here are three fun options. In all cases, you will need to have a professional photographer. It's important to get the lighting right (indoors or outdoors) and understand exposure, iso, f-stop, and a whole lot of other technical aspects. So, instead of trusting your friend who swears they're Annie Leibovitz with an iphone, do yourself a favor and get a pro to handle it.

Recreate A Famous Movie Scene

This one is great if you and your fiancé have a favorite movie scene. You can set up the shot with the same clothes and setting as in the movie. A great example would be the famous scene in The Notebook where the two characters embrace in the rain. The outfit is simple (a white dress shirt for him and a blue dress for her.) You might want to have the photographer bring along a makeup artist to help with the rain effects. One couple even made the news when they recreated a series of photos from the film for their engagement photos.

Jump Back In Time

Another cool idea is to head to a photo studio that does old time photos and recreate a Western setting or Bonnie and Clyde style photo. The studio will often have period clothing and props. So you can pose as cowgirl and cowboy, newlywed ranchers, the aforementioned Bonnie and Clyde, or some other characters. The photos will have the sepia tinted look. Some photo companies specialize in this type of setting, like Four Sisters Old Time Photo, for example.

Romantic Nature Setting

If you are outdoors lovers, then you should definitely think about posing in nature. You could pose on a dock near the ocean or on a lake, in a meadow of wildflowers, or at the beach. A great time for the photos to be taken is golden hour. This is the time of day when the natural light gives everything a heavenly golden glow. It's a favorite of photographers because they don't have to drag out large fluorescent lighting, but can instead rely on the sun's natural beauty.

If you two are really into a particular activity, such as sailing or rock climbing, then that's an awesome way to incorporate your own personality into the photos. You could bring the photographer out on the boat or have them come to the mountain and stage a really cool photo where you both are belaying off the mountain and locked in an embrace. Of course, most photographers aren't going to be comfortable climbing high up a mountain, so you should look for a low cliff that is not far off the ground and which can be shot in a way to make it look like you two are high up.