Simple Tips For Taking Great Photos Of Your Baby

Now that your baby has been born, there is no doubt that you want to capture this special time in your family's life with some great photographs. Even if you do not own any expensive equipment or have any experience with photographing babies, you can take great photographs of your new addition using these simple tips:

Use a Solid Background

While you may be tempted to take photos of your baby on your favorite quilt or with a large stuffed toy, the better option is to stick with a solid-colored background. With a solid background, you can dress your baby in your favorite gift outfits and they and their clothing will stand out while the background will fade out.

Some background colors that work well are greens, blues, and black. You should avoid using a white, yellow, or orange backgrounds because they will cause your photos to look over-exposed.

Shoot in Natural Light

For professional results, you should never shoot photos of your child indoors under incandescent light. This type of light will turn your photographs a yellow color. Some better options are to take photos outdoors during the morning or evening hours when the sun is not too bright. Alternatively, you can place your baby on a bed or table near a window and use the light coming through it to light your photos. Please be careful that your baby does not fall off while you are paying attention to your camera!

Don't Shoot from Above

In order to add character and life to your baby's photos, you should not stand over them and take your photos aiming your camera down on top of them. Instead, you should place your baby on a blanket, pillow, or other safe structure where you can get down to their eye-level to take the photos.

Rather than finding one position and taking all of your shots from there, walk around a bit and take shots from a variety of angles. Don't forget to get creative and use your macro lens to capture those small feet and hands.

Use a Size Reference

Finally, in addition to shooting photos of your baby alone, you should also shoot some with a size reference in the photo to show how small your baby is. You can do this effectively by having people hold your baby, and you can also do it by shooting your hand or foot next to your baby's own hands and feet.

If you can afford it, hire a professional photographer, such as Joe Damone Photography, to ensure you get the best results on your pictures.