Liven Up Your Reception With These Tips

With so much attention focused on the wedding part of your wedding day, it's easy to make your reception a simple affair with food and dancing. However, you can make the reception special for everyone with a few unique additions -- like those below -- that can make the event truly lively.  1-Get Customized Photography Backdrops Pictures are likely to be part of any reception. To make this a stunning part of your reception, you can get a custom designed photography backdrop.

Photography Filters And Special Effects That Are Perfect For Your Wedding Photos

Photography is an art form. Photographers are constantly honing their craft to produce more artistic views of the world. Some special accessories can affect the way photos turn out. These accessories include filters. With a non-digital camera, there is a lot you can do with commercial filters and homemade filters that can really make a photo artistically amazing. Digital cameras already do most special effects automatically, but there are still four filters you can buy for digital cameras.

3 Rustic Locations Perfect For Your Bridal Photos

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, you are most likely feeling overwhelmed by the different decisions you need to make. From finding your dress to picking bridesmaids to designing a menu and invitations, it is easy to see the challenges of creating this perfect special day. A basic theme is one key factor that can help you narrow down choices during the wedding planning process. Today, a rustic themed wedding is one of the most popular options for a wedding day because this theme can offer a bit of casual comfort in addition to vintage romance.