3 Rustic Locations Perfect For Your Bridal Photos

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, you are most likely feeling overwhelmed by the different decisions you need to make. From finding your dress to picking bridesmaids to designing a menu and invitations, it is easy to see the challenges of creating this perfect special day.

A basic theme is one key factor that can help you narrow down choices during the wedding planning process. Today, a rustic themed wedding is one of the most popular options for a wedding day because this theme can offer a bit of casual comfort in addition to vintage romance.  Finding a rustic venue and choosing rustic décor are simple tasks, but planning your wedding photos around this theme can be a bit more difficult. Here are a few rustic locations to consider for your bridal photos.


A barn makes the perfect setting for your rustic wedding ceremony and reception, but it is also an ideal structure for your bridal photos. Not only can you use the interior of the barn after it has been decorated, but the exterior of the barn will also serve as a great backdrop for memorable photos.

Consider working with your photographer to choose an interior part of the barn that will serve as a focal point. If the barn has vaulted ceilings and beams, make them the focal point of your bridal photos. While dressed in your gown, stand in the center of the barn and be sure the photographer includes the unique architectural details of the barn's ceiling in your photos.

The historical details used in construction and the right amount of natural light seeping in through the barn wood can all create elegant bridal photos without a great deal of effort.


To align with your rustic theme, add some natural appeal to your photos by using a wooded area as the location for your bridal photos.

The lush green foliage and deep wood tones found in a wooded setting will make the white or your gown stand out in photos.

The best times for taking photos in the woods is early in the morning when the sun is starting to rise or the evening hours when the sun is setting. As the sun rises or sets, the light will seem to glow through the trees, creating a romantic and mysterious appearance that will create amazing photos.

If you are opting for nighttime photos, hang string lights through a few trees. Ask your photographer to develop some of these photos in black and white, since the string lights will seem to sparkle in the trees.


Even if there is no barn on site, a farm is a great location for your rustic bridal photos. Consider taking these photos on a plot of farmland any time of the day or night, since the open spaces, natural light from the sun or moon, and the skyline will all work together well as the backdrop for your photos.

If possible, lean up against a section of wood fence that borders the farm. The mix of rustic wood and your formal grown will create nice definition.

For a bit of fun and whimsy, consider sitting in the back of an old farm truck or on top of a large bale of hay. This may seem uncomfortable while wearing your wedding gown, but the unique combination of farming and elegance will make your bridal photos stand out from others.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to taking bridal photos suited to your unique personality and wedding theme. This guide will give you a great place to start when choosing rustic settings for your bridal photos.