Why Have Your Headshots Taken By A Professional Photographer?

If you're hoping to get a job in the field of entertainment, you already know that the job application process is a little different. Instead of a resume, you will need to present a list of credits that lists the media you have appeared in. You will also need to submit a headshot that shows casting directors what you look like, so they can determine if you're the right fit for a particular role. You may be tempted to save money by having a friend take your headshots, but the skills of a professional are invaluable. Here are four reasons you should have your photo taken by a professional headshot photographer:

1. Get your photo cropped and framed appropriately.

Headshots aren't like other forms of portrait photography. Headshots are tightly framed with the focus on your face and eyes. Pictures that are taken from a distance are not ideal for headshots since your features need to be clear enough to be seen at a quick glance. A headshot photographer will focus their camera to draw attention to your face. Then, they will crop your picture in the style most commonly recognized by casting directors.

2. Utilize the best lighting.

Lighting makes all the difference between a good photo and a bad one. A professional photographer has studio lights that can be used to light your features without casting harsh glare. The right lighting can soften imperfections and highlight your best qualities. Most photographers use multiple sources of light to provide a flattering, diffused light for pictures.

3. Have your headshot set against an appropriate background.

The background of your headshot should not be too distracting. Many beginning actors and models make the mistake of taking their own headshots next to a brick wall or in an outdoor setting with many distracting elements. A headshot photographer can take your photo in a professional studio against appropriate backdrops. These backdrops won't wash you out, and they won't draw attention away from your features.

4. Take advantage of professional retouching.

Some retouching may be needed to correct washed-out colors and make you look your best. Headshots should never be altered too heavily since you want these pictures to be an accurate representation of your looks. Headshot photographers are familiar with the particular demands of this type of photography, and they will lightly retouch your photos to show you in your best light.

To learn more or to have headshots taken, contact a professional photographer near you.