2 Tips for Looking Your Best for Your Convention Booth's Headshot

If you are setting up a booth at a convention, you may have decided to make your display more personable with a large headshot above your information. However, if you really want your picture to pop so passersby take notice, use the following tips for looking your best for your convention booth's headshot.

1. Select a Professional-Looking Shirt in a Complementary Color

Before the day of the photography session for your headshot, look through your existing wardrobe to select a shirt that you wish to wear. Make sure that it gives you a professional appearance, as you want to give off the vibe that you are all business, but still make sure that you look approachable as well.

Depending on your neckline, pick out a shirt with a collar that makes you feel confident while enhancing or hiding parts of your neck. For example, if you have a beautiful collarbone, pick out a top that will accent it. However, if you are not comfortable with your elongated neck, pick a shirt with a collar or a turtleneck to go under a sweater or blazer.

You also want to select a shirt in a color that complements your face. For example, if you have pale skin, do not select a white or light yellow shirt, as it will wash out your features. Instead, choose a darker color or even a bright color that makes your face stand out.

2. Apply Makeup Sparingly to Bring Out Your Natural Features

Because the picture will be a closeup of your face, you may be tempted to apply as much makeup as possible to try to enhance your features or cover any flaws. However, too much makeup will give you more of an appearance that you are ready for a night on the town instead of ready for business.

Instead, use muted tones that highlight your brow, cheekbones, and jawline. You can also use a neutral base to help hide any imperfections. If you use eyeliner, only apply enough to accent your eyes.

And, if you are a man, you can still make use of makeup to help improve your headshot. You can use makeup to even out your skin tone and accent your features.

The above tips are only a couple of ways you can prepare yourself before you have your picture taken. For more tips and information, speak with the photographer who will be taking your convention booth headshot.