5 Tips For A Smooth Outdoor Family Photo Session With A Toddler

Family photos capture you and your children just like you are in the moment, and these are memories to be cherished for sure. However, family photo sessions with a toddler can be really tough, especially if the session takes place outside. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Pick the right time of day for the photo session. 

Make sure when you schedule the photo session, you consider what time of day will be the best time for your toddler. If your little one is usually in a better mood right after naptime, schedule the session a little after that time of day, for example. 

Bring along a new surprise toy or treat.

In the event your little one starts to have a meltdown, it will be helpful if you have something stashed in your bag that can take their mind off of things for a few minutes so your photographer can snap a few more pictures. So sticking a shiny new plaything or a special food treat in your bag for the photo session can be really helpful. If worse comes to worst, you can encourage your child to sit still for a picture so they can get a surprise when you are done.  

Make sure the photographer has worked with children. 

Hiring a family photographer who is familiar with working with young children will make a big difference in how well the session goes. These professionals will know a little more about what to expect, tricks to use, and how to work with a toddler than a professional who generally works with adults. Reach out to professionals like those at Moorman Photographics to learn how they work with toddlers.

Split the session up into smaller sessions. 

Toddlers have a really short attention span, so getting them to sit still for multiple family photos at once is going to make the situation pretty tense. Instead of trying to get in all of the poses at once, have the photographer do a few shots and then take a quick break so your little one can play and explore for a few minutes. 

Make sure the setting is free from distractions. 

Almost anything can be a distraction for a toddler, but make sure there is nothing at the session site that will be a major hassle. For instance, if you want family photos taken at the local lake, it is best to pick a spot further away from the water so your toddler won't be making a dash for the water every few minutes.