Want Your Video To Appeal To A Multicultural Audience? Here Are Some Elements To Include

As a business owner, a solid understanding of the demographics of your customers is always important. Understanding who your customers are allows you to target not only your products toward them, but also your various marketing campaigns. One area to consider is the language that your customers speak. Even if you many of your customers speak English, it's possible that you have a large contingent of customers who communicate in another language — Spanish, for example. When it comes to producing marketing videos for your company, it's imperative that you cater to your multicultural audience. You can do so by partnering with a video production company that has experience in this regard. Here are some elements that your videos should include.


If you're producing marketing videos in English, you need to expect that some of your Spanish-speaking customers will likely view them. While many in this demographic might be perfectly bilingual, there will likely be those who struggle with English. It's a necessity to provide subtitles that will help your Spanish-speaking audience to accurately decipher the message in your video. Many video production companies, in addition to being able to help you with shooting and editing your video, retain bilingual staff members who can translate your video in this manner.

Voice Dubbing

Another option to pursue is to shoot your video in English, but instead of using subtitles, have your video production company provide voice dubbing in Spanish. This way, your Spanish-speaking audience will be watching the video's English-speaking actors but hearing the overdubbed voices of Spanish-speaking voice actors — which your video production company can also provide to help you. You're then able to have two videos — one with English audio and another with Spanish audio — to appeal more widely to your audience.


The next step to consider is to have your video production service provide Spanish-speaking actors so that you can shoot an entirely different video. It's possible that you're using your own staff to shoot your English video, but unless you have Spanish-speaking staff members who volunteer to appear in front of the camera, you might wonder how to proceed with shooting a new video. Lots of video production services retain actors who are bilingual and can perform in productions of this type. Consult some video production services in your community, like Lite Wave Media, to find one that specializes in providing services that will appeal to those who speak Spanish.