OMG That's Not Me! Avoiding Looking Awkward in Your Senior Portrait

Hilarious senior photos have become a huge meme sensation. Their combination of earnestness and awkwardness are hard to top. If you want to avoid getting your senior portrait leaked to an online photo site, follow these tips. You'll be glad you did years down the road, when you can hang your photo above the fireplace with pride.

Avoid Silly Costumes

Look: it's understandable if you're obsessed with shows like "Breaking Bad" or "Game of Thrones." But, do you really need to dress like Walter White in your senior photos? Probably not, especially if you don't want it to embarrass you years later.

When it comes to clothing, you need to create a look that is simple, eye-catching, and timeless. Avoid the booty shorts and keep the D&D chain-mail at home. Instead, bring several changes of dressy and casual dress to your shoot.

Also make sure to wear clothes that accentuate your facial structure. For example, people with round faces should wear a v-neck shirt, while thinner faces look best in boat-neck, crew necks, or round neckline shirts.

Keep Your Poses Simple

Simplicity is a virtue in senior photos. Especially when it comes to poses. Trying to look vampish, excessively tough, or thoughtful often leads to hilariously overwrought shots. And props, such as footballs, replica swords, or pom-poms can often make an awkward pose even sillier.

Try to limit yourself to a few head tilts and simple hand-on-the-hips or crossed-arm poses. And layer your props in the background, rather than posing with them in hand.

Less, Not More, Makeup

The temptation to touch up with some makeup before a senior shoot is unavoidable. Properly applied makeup can highlight your natural beauty and make your photo perfect. However, too much makeup can create an oily, clownish look that can be exasperating.

Follow these basic makeup tips when getting your senior photos to avoid looking more Marilyn Manson than Marilyn Munroe:

  • Stay Away From Mineral Foundations
  • Use Only a Slight Dab of Mascara Under Your Eyes
  • Apply Natural Skin Tone Lip Liner
  • Keep the Mousse and Hair Gel Out

Less, not more, is the general rule with makeup. Remember, during you're shoot you're going to be under lights that will reflect off excessive makeup and create an awkward shine.

Don't Be Afraid

It's okay to be a little put-off by the excessively excited and friendly nature of many senior photographers. But, it's important to know that they only act that way to create a fun and silly environment for your shoot.

No, they're not weirdos: they're just trying to make you laugh. So, stop feeling nervous: the strain will show up in your shots and make you look more awkward. Just go along with the photographer's silliness and have some fun.

That last point is perhaps the most vital when it comes to senior portraits. Treating it like a fun and exciting event, instead of a chore, will make for attractive senior portraits you'll cherish. For more tips, talk to a professional like Monte Evans Photography.