3 Unique Pictures To Ask Your Wedding Photographer To Take

While all of the usual wedding photographs that most wedding photographers take are amazing, there are also some unique ones that many people don't even think to take. These photos are awesome and create lasting memories. They are also quite fun because they are outside of the usual. This article will discuss 3 unique pictures that you should ask your wedding photographer to take for you. 

3 Generations Of Wedding Rings Picture

If you are the bride, and if both your mom and your maternal grandmother are at your wedding, then you should definitely have your wedding photographer take a picture of all of your wedding rings. On the other hand, if you are the groom, and have your father and paternal grandfather there, then you should also have this picture taken. For this photograph all of you will lay left hands flat with your palm down. This will show off all of your wedding rings, as well as the difference in age amongst your three hands. This is a picture that you will treasure forever because it will show the beauty and style of the different wedding rings, as well as the hands of two people that you love and cherish. 

Fire Sparklers Picture

After the sun has gone done, it is an awesome idea to have your wedding photographer take some pictures of you and your spouse playing with sparklers. These pictures are awesome because the camera can capture the sparklers making different shapes and spelling out different things. You and your husband can make your sparklers create a heart for the picture, or you can spell out the words I love you. Others can even join in on the fun if you would like, and you can have different pictures of your family and friends with the sparklers as well. These pictures are not only fun to look at, but they are also fun to take. 

A Photo Of The Two Of You Holding Your Parent's Wedding Photo

In order to bring past generations and memories into your own wedding pictures, you can include some old photographs. A great idea for doing this is to have you and your spouse hold a picture of each set of parents on their wedding day. Your photographer can take a picture of the two of you holding these photographers together, and this will symbolize combining two different families in a fun and non-traditional way.