3 Tips For Nailing Your Family Photo Shoot

Do you have a family photo shoot coming up? Do you want to get your money's worth and make sure they're as attractive and appealing as possible? When you're doing the actual shoot, your photographer will likely give you guidance to help you capture the best images. However, you can help the process by doing a little advanced planning. This is especially true if the shoot will involve young kids, who may not be cooperative with the photographer's instructions. Here are three tips to help you and your family get the most out of your shoot:

When choosing times and locations, look for natural light. Natural light is a photographer's best friend. Good lighting can transform a subject's appearance and completely alter the overall quality of the picture. When you're choosing your time and location, make natural light your primary concern. Often, one of the best times for natural light is just before sunset, when the sun is low on the horizon. That's especially true if you want pictures with bursts of light behind you.

When it comes to location, look for outdoor areas that aren't heavily shaded by trees. If your preferred area is shaded, at least look for a spot where some sunlight is peeking through. If you want indoor pictures, make use of windows and keep the blinds and curtains open. The photographer will likely use reflectors to make the most of the incoming sunlight.

Match tones, not outfits. The days of everyone wearing the exact same outfit are long gone. Many photographers and families now prefer for the group to look natural and for each person's individuality to shine through. That doesn't mean, though, that every person in the picture should be dressed completely differently.

Instead of wearing matching outfits, set a palette and allow each person to choose their own outfit within that palette. That will ensure that everyone matches to a degree, but doesn't look like a bunch of clones in the picture.

Let the kids be themselves. Parents often stress about young children in family pictures. The kids may be cranky, hungry, or just downright non-cooperative. Many photographers believe that it's unwise to force the children into poses, especially right at the beginning of the shoot. If the kid wants to run around or explore the shoot area, let them. The photographer will likely be able to get some great natural shots of the child being happy and playful. Once the child has burned some energy, s/he may be more willing to sit for specific poses.

For more information, contact a family photographer in your area. They can give you some more guidance to plan for your pictures.